Power Management

Whilst our product range can be roughly divided into key areas such as SNMP management, power management and environmental alarm monitoring, many of these key concepts are duplicated through the product range. For example, the function of operating system shutdown is performed in a variety of our software and hardware solutions in one form or another. As such we have attempted to list our products (below) according to these concepts.

Text Alarm

Easy to install, light and compact, it gives complete security monitoring of property without the need for expensive third-party monitoring. Operates as conventional alarm when connected to suitable sensors and sounders.

SNMP Monitoring and Management

Our range of SNMP management products allow users to monitor and manage (non-networked) devices over an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) network. NetCom TH, Modular Environment Administrator, EDMS Software.

Operating System Shutdown software/ hardware

Shutting down PCs in the event of a critical environmental alarm or power event can prevent the loss of invaluable information and can inform users of the impending alarm. This is a key function of several of our products, both hardware and software. EDMS Software, NetCom TH, PowerMon II, SmartMon.

Service Management and report faulting

Keeping key staff informed of power and environmental alarm conditions as they happen is elemental in keeping the company running smoothly. Our range of service management products allow service engineers to be notified around the clock via such means as PSTN (telephone line), SMS, e-mail and pager, DialCom, NetCom TH, EDMS Software.

Power Management; power switching, scheduling, remote reboot

In the modern business environment, the management of power is a vital element of business continuity. Our range of products provide complete control of AC power to devices on and off the network, and includes such features as remote reboot of locked devices and the ability to shed non-critical loads upon power failure. Modular Power Administrator, Modular Environment Administrator.

Environmental alarm monitoring and management

UPS Direct offers a variety of environmental monitoring solutions which can be integrated into a Building Management System or can stand alone to monitor the IT environment. Our solutions allow the integration of different environmental parameters (such as temperature, humidity, fire, flood or intruder alarm) onto the IT network as SNMP compliant agents. EDMS Software, Modular Environment Administrator, Modular Power Administrator, NetCom TH.

UPS Connectivity products

UPS Direct has nearly ten years experience in dealing with connectivity solutions for the UPS industry. In addition to both dry contact and RS232 based UPS management software we offer a range of SNMP adapters (see above) and Multi Interface Units, which allow multiple computer systems to individually monitor a single Uninterruptible Power Supply. EDMS Software, PowerMon II, SmartMon, MultiMon.