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Off the shelf UPS’s are designed for use within a climate controlled environment such as an office or server room. The reason:- UPS systems are unique in that they combine both micro-electronics and high power components in a single cabinet.

Even microscopic amounts of conductive dust or even excessive humidity can cause a flashover within the UPS, cutting the power to your sensitive electronic equipment, triggering downtime and a costly repair. Add to this the degrading effect that raised temperature has on battery life (every 10C above the recommended 20C operating temperature halves the battery’s life) and running the costs for an ‘off the shelf’ UPS can be astronomical.

Not all environments are suited to the installation of a UPS, however we have the knowledge and capability to design and build ruggedised solutions for the harshest of environments. Every harsh environment has its own peculiarities that would cause standard ‘off the shelf’ equipment to fail, therefore we carry out a full assessment of your requirements and work with you to engineer a solution.

Our extensive work with several Formula One Racing Teams has provided them with systems that have travelled the world and worked without fail for over five seasons. Before UPS Direct became involved in the sport, ‘off the shelf’ systems would literally explode on a weekly basis, and during one Chinese Grand Prix, a team replaced 13 UPS’s due to failures.

Our customised solutions are also used in various manufacturing plants ranging from yoghurt production to egg packaging to aircraft braking systems test rigs.

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