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Master HE

Power Range

100 - 800 kVA
  • 3:3


kVA / kW

HE - High Efficiency
Master HE series is available from 100 to 800 kVA. The UPS feature a new on-line double-conversion technology utilising IGBT and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control to provide maximum protection, power quality and green energy for any type of application including primary datacenters, disaster recover sites, telecoms rooms, industrial processes and security applications.
High efficiency stands for higher active power available if compared with legacy UPS thanks to output unitary p.f. Nominal power is granted with no downgrading indipendently from operating temperature.

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Master HE has a zero impact on connected power sources - grid networks or generators:

Input power factor 0,99
power walk-in function - to ensure a progressive rectifier start-up
start-up delay function - to restart the rectifier when the mains power supply is restored.

Master HE series UPS are ‘Smart Grid Ready’ and can be used within an energy storage solution, whilst simultaneously operating at the highest levels of efficiency and automatically selecting the most efficient operating mode based on the state of the lower grid network or generator supply. The UPS are designed to electronically interface with energy management systems within an ‘intelligent’ Smart Grid application.

Master HEP series UPS have a front panel graphic display providing UPS information, measurements, status updates and alarms in different languages, with wave form displays including voltage/current and provide a kWh reading that can be used to measure IT loads and calculate a datacenter PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratio.

Master HE series UPS include a range of features designed to prolong battery life and reduce their usage.

  • Better load protection from DC/Battery problems
  • The UPS can be supplied from two independent lines
  • Fault on DC bus will not affect the by-pass availability
  • High Short circuit current
  • Higher immunity to harmonics or energy backfeed generated by the load

Technical Specifications

Rated power 100000 VA
Voltage 400 Vac three-phase
Voltage tolerance
+ 20% - 25%
50/60 Hz with autorange
Frequency tolerance
45/65 Hz
Power factor 0,99
Input current 141 A
Current distorsion <3%
Soft start 0-100% in 10
Rated voltage 400 Vac three-phase selectable 380 and 415
Voltage tolerance
± 15% (selectable from ± 10% to ± 25% from front panel)
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz (autorange)
Frequency tolerance ± 2% (selectable from ± 1% to ± 5% from front panel)
Rated current
141 A
Number phases 3
Back-feed protection yes
Overload capacity Inx10ms 14
Rated power 100000 VA
Active power 100000 W
Number phases 3 + N
Crest factor (Ipeak/Irms) 3 : 1
Waveform Sinewave
Dynamic stability ± 5% in 5 ms
Frequency same as the input (autorange)
Voltage distortion with distorcing load <3%
Voltage distortion with linear load <1%
Frequency stability ± 0,05% on mains failure ± 2% (selectable from ± 1% to ± 5% from front panel) with mains supply present
Overload 110% 125% 150% 200% of the rated current for 10' / 1' / 7
Type Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid
Maximum recharge current 0.2xC10
Altitude max 1000 m
Color Dark grey RAL 7016
Remote controls EPO and bypass
Safety compliance EN 62040-1:2008; EN 62040-1/EC:2009; EN 62040-1/A1:2013 and Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC conformance
EN 62040-2 and Directive 2014/30/EU
Protection rating
Line-Interactive/Smart Active efficiency up to 99,4%
Noise (at 1 m)
63 dBA at 1 m
Remote signals voltage free contacts (mains power failure, UPS on bypass, end of discharge pre-alarm, output 12Vdc 80mA)
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 40 °C
Relative humidity 95% no condensing
Weight 730 kg
Dimensions (h w d) 1900x800x850 mm

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