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Sentinel Dual (High Power)

Power Range

  • 1:1
  • 3:1

The SENTINEL DUAL (High Power) range is available in 3.3-4 kVA to single-phase models and 6.5-8-10 kVA three-phase/single-phase models, with on-line double conversion (VFI) technology.

The DIALOG DUAL range may be placed directly on the floor or mounted in 19” rackmount cabinets such as the Multi Shelter range.

In terms of technology, features (selectable On-line, Economy and Smart Active operating modes), and diagnostics such as the digital display, RS232 and USB interfaces, network adaptor card option and PowerShield³ software include. SENTINEL DUAL (High Power) is easily the best solution for protecting "mission critical" applications requiring the highest levels of reliability.

SENTINEL DUAL (High Power) is ideally suited for a whole range of applications from IT to security.

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  • The UPS can be installed as a floor standing tower or 19" rackmount UPS.
  • The front panel digital display can be pulled out (using the keys provided) and rotated to suite the installation format
  • Low noise level (<40dBA) thanks to the digitally PWM controlled ventilation system which is load and temperature dependent, and the use of an inverter with a high switching frequency (>20kHZ, above the audible range). DIALOG Dual is suitable for installation in any populated environment
  • Operating modes:

– On-line (VFI): the inverter powers the load continuously
– Economy: the UPS mimics a Line Interactive (VI) UPS supporting the load from its battery supply when the mains fails or fluctuates wildly
– Smart Active: the UPS selects automatically whether to operate in On-line (VFI) or Line Interactive (VI) mode depending on the stability of the mains supply
– Emergency: the UPS only supports the load with its batteries when the mains fails - suitable for emergency lighting
– Frequency conversion 50 or 60Hz

  • Output voltage selection: 220-230-240Vac single-phase or 380-400-415Vac three-phase
  • Auto restart the mains returns from the front panel or PowerShield³ software
  • Automatic output delay when the UPS powers up
  • Automatic power down when no load is present
  • End of battery discharge pre-alarm.
  • Filtered, stable and reliable voltage - On Line double conversion (VFI) technology in accordance with EN50091-3, a with EMI filters
  • Guaranteed output quality even with typical distorting IT loads with crest factors of 3:1
  • Low impact on the mains supply as the UPS has an input power factory near to 1, with a sinusoidal input current.
  • Completely digitally controlled
  • Uninterrupted automatic by-pass
  • The by-pass can be activated manually
  • Use of IMS (Insulated Metallic Substrates) modules.
  • Status, measurements, and alarms available on the standard backlit display
  • UPS can be updated digitally (flash upgradeable).
  • Reliable battery performance (automatic and manual battery tests)
  • Prolonged battery life due to the unique Low Ripple Current Discharge (LRCD)
  • ‘Hot-swap’ user replaceable batteries
  • Extendible back-up time using additional Battery Extension Packs or Trays
  • Increased ride through (without batteries) on mains breaks up to 40ms and for fluctuations ranging from 84 to 276Vac.
  • Input protected by resettable thermally activated switch
  • Back-feed protection: to avoid energy being fed back into the mains should a fault occur
  • Increased short circuit current on the by-pass
  • Increased overload capacity: 150% on inverter even without a mains supply present
  • Performance guaranteed in temperatures up to 40°C short term
  • Manual switch to by-pass.

The UPS and communication software have been certified by Microsoft laboratories.

Technical Specifications

Rated power 3300 VA
Voltage 220-230-240 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5 Hz
Power factor >0.98
Current distorsion ≤7%
Voltage tolerance 180÷264 Vac (selectable in Economy Mode and SMART ACTIVE Mode)
Frequency tolerance Selected frequency ± 5% (user configurable)
Rated power 3300 VA
Active power 2300 W
Number phases 1
Crest factor (Ipeak/Irms) 3 : 1
Waveform Sinewave
Frequency 50/60 Hz selectable
Voltage distortion with distorcing load <6%
Voltage distortion with linear load <3%
100% < Load < 110% 1 min
Load > 150% 0.5 s
Typical recharge time 4÷6 h
Color Dark grey RAL 7016
Safety compliance EN 62040-1:2008; EN 62040-1/EC:2009; EN 62040-1/A1:2013 and Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC conformance EN 62040-2 and Directive 2014/30/EU
Accessories provided 2 output supply cables 10 A; 1 plug IEC-16 A; software; serial cable; tools for mimic panel
Protection rating 3
Protections Overload - short-circuit - overvoltage - undervoltage - temperature - low battery
Line-Interactive/Smart Active efficiency 98%
Noise (at 1 m) <40 dBA at 1 m
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 40 °C
Relative humidity <95% no condensing
Weight 38 kg
Dimensions (h w d) 455x175x520/175(4U)x483x520 mm

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